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Stress and Financial worry with Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

A large amount of debt, a job loss or overtime reduction, medical bills, or simply being irresponsible with your spending could cause undue financial stress. We call each of these instances a financial crisis. Are you living outside your means? Existing on credit or spending when you should be saving? Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW speaks with Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron and MIX NATION on what to do to ease financial stress and worry that could be taking a toll on you and your family.


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Dr Julie Gowthorpe talks Mental Health & Marriage

Marriage can be a road filled with unexpected curves but navigating that road with a partner who has a mental illness can add a whole other dimension to the journey. The stress can impact a person emotionally, physically, financially and socially and ultimately compromise his or her own health.

Dr Julie Gowthorpe, RSW talks with Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron this morning on MIX – LISTEN


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How to conquer self-doubt with Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

What else, after all, can you do when there’s a profoundly pessimistic (and self-sabotaging) voice inside your head that’s actively discouraging you from trying? Telling you that whatever you do, it won’t be good enough, ’cause you’re not good enough? In such instances, with such selfdoubt and anxiety Dr Julie Gowthorpe, RSW joins Sean Kelly and Orlena Cain on Mix97 this morning to offer some great advice in how to help conquer this .

email: info@drjuliegowthorpersw.com

Telephone: 613 962.1852
Fax: 613 966.9384

Julie Gowthorpe, PhD and Associates
11 Bay Bridge Road
Belleville, Ontario
K8P 3P6


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How to help kids who feel invisible with Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

Who hasn’t felt invisible at school, at work, or at some social gathering they’ve attended? And this feeling of isolation can be highly distressing and problematic — especially for children who are deliberately excluded from a particular group, teased or taunted, or maligned by malicious rumors.

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW joins Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron of the Mix 97 Morning Show to share some insight on this topic and suggestions for help.

If you or someone you know would like to contact Dr. Julie Gowthorpe – call (613) 962-1852


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Dr. Julie Gowthorpe addresses a hot topic- Sexual Assault

Speaking out is a difficult thing when a sexual assault happens to you. Here’s what we can do to help those who need a voice and encourage others to use theirs.


Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW speaks to Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron  on Mix97

People visit my site for many reasons. Some are looking for parenting support; others are going through a challenging situation.

From personal challenges, traumatic events, recovering from abuse, issues in the couple relationship or marriage, to coping with the stressors of separation and divorce, men, women, adolescents and children have one common goal – to feel better.

My approach, along with my associates, is to empower you to get there. We start with where you’re at so that you can develop the insight, knowledge and healing necessary to go the distance.

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MIX 97 And Dr. Julie Gowthorpe RSW Talk Mental Health At FNTI

Discussion took flight with the students at FNTI yesterday!

MIX 97’s Sean Kelly and Dr. Julie Gowthorpe RSW took a trip to the First Nations Technical Institute in Tyendinaga to talk to their aviation students about mental health. The students listened to a wonderful presentation from Sean and Dr. Gowthorpe which dealt with how to recognize mental health issues as well as how they can seek help for problems if need be.

The students at FNTI were eager to chat, listen and share creating an immensely positive atmosphere.

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe stopped by MIX 97 this morning to talk to the Morning Crew and Mix Nation about a topic discussed with the students: Authenticity. You can listen to her chat right here!

Cameron the Intern




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Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW Talks How To Be Positive At Work

Everyone has a day every now and then when you really don’t want to go to work. Dr. Julie Gowthorpe RSW stopped by to chat with the MIX 97 Morning Crew about how to make the workplace a positive place and how to get around those feelings of negativity while at work.

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe stops by to chat with the MIX 97 Morning Crew every Wednesday. You can tune in to MIX 97 before 8am or you can stay tuned to the MIX 97 Morning Crew blog for weekly updates where you can hear any discussions you may have missed.

Cameron the Intern

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Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW talks Unconditional Love

Love is the theme of Valentines Day. It can mean a lot of different things for different people. Being that it is Valentines Day the Mix 97 Morning Crew decided to discuss love.

The Mix 97 Morning Crew had a chat with social worker Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW about unconditional love, how to have a happier relationship and some other Valentines Day topics. You can take a listen to both parts of the discussion below!

-Cameron the Intern


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Dr Julie Gowthorpe, RSW – TALK TODAY w/ Addiction


Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW “TALK TODAY” subject is on addiction and mental health and how we can support the ones we love and get help for all involved.

Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron join Dr Gowthorpe in conversation.




Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW provides individual (adults, teens and children), couple therapy, and family therapy for a wide range of issues. In addition to counselling services, she, along with her associates, offers custody assessment, mediation services, parenting capacity assessment and parenting plans.

CALL 613-962-1852

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Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW talks Mental Health & Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk is a wide-reaching, multi-year program designed to break the silence around mental illness and support mental health all across Canada. #bellletstalk TWEET, TEXT and SHARE Bell Videos

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW speak with Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron on Bell Let’s Talk Day and what we can do to bring awareness together.



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