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Our Favourite Olympic Events

Which Olympic events are you favourites?

We are now on the 8th day of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It’s that special time when everyone is gathered constantly following the latest Olympic news updates. The excitement can be felt everywhere you go!

The Mix 97 Morning Crew got caught up in all the excitement! They touched on some of their favourite events at the Olympic games. They also had a chat about which events they would participate in if given the opportunity.

You can listen to that discussion right here!

-Cam the Intern


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Family Day Events in Mix Nation

Family Day weekend is just about upon us now. It is a wonderful time to get out and spend some time with friends and family. As is tradition some people are scrambling, trying to find things to do with the family.

Have no fear! We have a couple ideas for things you and your family can do for the Family Day weekend that are sure to be lots of fun! I gave the details to the Mix 97 Morning Crew earlier and you can hear that right here!

-Cam the Intern


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A Baby Sloth in Belleville?!

Family Day weekend is coming up quickly!

If you’re scrambling for something to do on Family Day, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and the Animal Ambassadors are going to be bringing a bunch of cool exotic and rare animals to the Belleville Travelodge. Some of the animals include:

  • a kangaroo
  • a skunk
  • an alligator
  • a baby sloth
  • and MORE!

The event will be held on February 16th (1pm-8pm), 17th (10am-5pm), 18th (10am-5pm) and Family Day (10am-5pm).

The Mix 97 Morning Crew felt inspired by the event and had a chat about sloths! You can take a listen below!

Cam the Intern


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Foggy Weather in Mix Nation!

It’s feeling a little bit like spring today! The cozy temperature (at least compared to the last couple weeks…) has us here at Mix 97 feeling pretty happy!

Unfortunately along with that warmer weather came a fair bit of fog. As a result a number of school buses ended up getting canceled. You’ve gotta take the good with the bad, right?

The Mix 97 Morning Crew had a chat about the morning’s fog. You can take a listen below!

Cam the Intern


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SONGBUSTER An Improvised Musical Comedy
A fully improvised musical – you give the suggestions, we create the musical before your eyes

Every night is opening night when you make up a musical!

Songbuster is: Tricia Black, Ashley Comeau, Alexandra Hurley, Stephanie Malek, Josh Murray, Nug Nahrgang, Nicky Nasrallah, Jonathan Shaboo, Connor Thompson, Jenna Warriner
Musical Director: Tom King

Sat Feb 17: Tweed Winter Carnival (Tweed, ON) 7pm
Sun Feb 18: Tweed Winter Carnival (Tweed, ON) 1pm and 7pm


PRINCESS BALL is 4-6 on SUNDAY! So bring your little princess and come have some fun!


Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain, Alana Cameron and Cam the Intern speak with Artistic Director, Tim Porter this morning.


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Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW talks Unconditional Love

Love is the theme of Valentines Day. It can mean a lot of different things for different people. Being that it is Valentines Day the Mix 97 Morning Crew decided to discuss love.

The Mix 97 Morning Crew had a chat with social worker Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW about unconditional love, how to have a happier relationship and some other Valentines Day topics. You can take a listen to both parts of the discussion below!

-Cameron the Intern


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Seeing red this Valentines? Here’s why~

On Valentines Day the world is red. Everywhere you look you see people in red clothing or red hearts on advertisements. Maybe a red Valentines Day card? Red is widely associated with Valentines Day… but why is that?

There doesn’t seem to be any one reason why red goes hand-in-hand with Valentines Day but rather a number of possible factors. I decided to fill the Mix 97 Morning Crew in on why we might be seeing a lot of red on Valentines Day.

Take a listen to the discussion below to find out for yourself!

-Cameron the Intern


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Valentines Day Pickup Lines From Mix Nation!

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s the day for love and what is more lovely than a good pickup line? We’ve all heard them! Whether that be on the dealing end or not. Some are good, some… not so good (mostly good though).

The Mix 97 Morning Crew took a listen to some of Mix Nation’s best pickup lines. How do they stack up? Take a listen below!

-Cameron the Intern


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Taylor Swift End Game behind the scenes – dancers dance to a click track

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Celebrating a Wedding Day With The Mix97 Morning Crew

Love is naturally in the air with Valentines Day tomorrow but even today we could feel the love.

On the weekend hundreds of couples got married at Robson Square in Vancouver! The Mix97 Morning Crew got a call from Belleville’s own Farah and Andrew Walmsley. They are newlyweds who got married this past weekend at Robson Square and want to share their love with Mix Nation! Just in time for Valentines Day.

You can learn about the event and hear their heartwarming story below!

-Cameron the Intern


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