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Dude dances to Uptown Funk like nobody is watching

You know you want to dance…but do you care if anyone is watching? Fred Rawicz was at T in the Park, a major Scottish music festival, when Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” began to play over the loudspeakers. That’s when Fred broke out in dance and his energetic and entertaining moves were caught on camera. He even does a few splits while the crowd and his friends cheer him on!


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Toronto road rage caught on video

The man who filmed a video of a truck T-boning a car in the Portlands area on Monday night in an apparent road rage incident said an earlier confrontation may have led up to the melee.

The filmer, who didn’t wish to be identified, said he was parked south of the Cherry St. bridge around 9:15 p.m. when he noticed a dark-red pick-up truck in front of him. Then, he saw a car on the right side screeched up beside the truck and three guys who may have been in their early 20s, jump out and approach the pick-up, screaming at the driver.



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Local golfer, 12 year old Jack Prophet scores hole in one!

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Giant bear rides shotgun on a motorcycle


Here is, quite possibly, the most Russian setup for a viral video we’ve ever seen. Unpronounceable town name? Check. Huge (and very real) brown bear? Check. Ural motorcycle with a sidecar? Check. Oddly-described “traveling circus” run by a biker club? Check.

A driver in Arkhangelsk, Russia was understandably shocked when he spotted a pair of bikers and their ursine companion—named “Tim,” according to the video description—cruising down a public road last week and pulled out his phone to record the scene. Even if Russian drivers have practically seen it all, his excited tone makes it clear this isn’t quite an everyday occurrence.



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Kermit gets fired!

The voice of Kermit the Frog since Jim Henson past is Steve Whitmore, heard here on Ellen….but not anymore! He’s been fired for unacceptable business conduct and now Matt Vogel will be the voice!


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Fitness model flaunts abs at 6months of pregnancy

Model Sarah Stage is famed for her supremely toned tummy, but the popular Instagram star is no stranger to body criticism.

Stage made headlines in 2015 during her first pregnancy. After posting a picture showcasing a tiny baby bump at full term, the backlash was immediate.

She shared a progress picture to mark six months of pregnancy, but once again her baby bump is hidden behind a tight set of abs.


Stage continues to workout during pregnancy using light prenatal training techniques. She insists that she and bub are happy and healthy as she prepares for motherhood a second time around.

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Kids Movies Adults will enjoy Coming Soon


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French Fries Song

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Ross Marquand Does Celebrity Impersonations

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50th Anniversary of Brighton Speedway this Saturday with Mix97


BSP 50th Anniversary Celebration brought to you by Deerhaven Farm & Garden & Mix 97 Featuring OSCAAR Hot Rods, Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club, 50 Lap Late Model ($750 to Win), 50 Lap Canadian Modified ($550 to Win), 50 Lap Pro Stock ($350 to Win) Including the PS Duel on the Dirt Qualifier 2. Wall of Fame Presentations at 6:00 PM

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