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Joseph Palmer joins Mix to talk about his upcoming film.

Business admin student at Loyalist College Joseph Palmer is an aspiring film maker too.

He joins Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron this morning here – LISTEN

  Day and Night takes place in a small village not plagued by death. Located in the countryside of Alena, the town almost feels boring. Nothing happens here at least nothing of note.

That is until a mysterious young man moves into a cabin just outside Cold Creek. People begin to disappear vanishing without a trace, the only pattern. Days leading up to their disappearance each person claims a loved one has returned from the grave. Playing off the rumors at first, the sheriff begins to break as he witnesses more and more people vanish. Reaching his breaking point the Sheriff decides to visit the mysterious man living just outside Cold Creek. But is it nearly a coincidence? Or is there something much more deeper, and thus more dangerous residing just outside the once peaceful village?

We are very happy to feature local talent as well. Including Brianna Bone who has stared in a number of films including Xman days of Future past with Hugh Jackman. We believe having local talent can shows that this community is very capable of producing great projects.


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