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Help for Thinning Hair – Skin Beautiful Medi Spa

Cutting Edge Breakthrough in Hair Growth: Selphyl/PRP at


Phone: (613) 707-7178
Dr. Arun Dosaj of Skin Beautiful Medi Spa speaks with Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron this morning on Mix97
Hair loss and hair thinning are very real issues for so many patients – men and women, of all different ethnic backgrounds. Most patients are not interested in surgery and its accompanying extensive recovery times. This is why we are so excited to announce that SkinBeautiful is now offering an in-office, cutting edge, NON-SURGICAL treatment called Selphyl, which makes your hair thicker and fuller and prevents further hair loss. Call now to book your Free Consultation with Dr. Dosaj and find out if Selphyl® for hair rejuvenation is right for you!
Selphyl® is a patented injectable procedure that uses your own body’s platelets and fibrin from your blood to regenerate tissue by stimulating collagen. This is an ideal treatment for the person seeking the most natural way to significantly improve their skin texture and tone to achieve smoother, healthier-looking skin. Selphyl is not a drug and contains no animal or synthetic products. There is virtually no risk of allergic reaction. The reinjection of one’s own biological cells promotes and stimulates skin health and new collagen formation in the dermis. Virtually any area can be treated with Selphyl® and PRP therapy, from the face and neck to the hands!

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