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Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW talks Teen Therapy – do you need help?

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW talks about how some kids pass through adolescence swiftly, with little turmoil. For others, puberty detonates like a time bomb; once it goes off, nothing is the same. What’s normal teenage angst? How can you tell if your kid needs professional help?

Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron speak to Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW HERE


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How to Deal with Disappointment w/ Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

Unhappy news and disappointments deluge our daily lives. Here’s you can face disappointment without falling apart. Take a moment to…wallow. Do a reality check—is it really that bad? Go high when hit with low blow. Don’t stew in negativity. Avoid anxious reactions by lowering stress. Put things in perspective.

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

LISTEN HERE with Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron

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Summer Cheating – Talk Doctor Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

Things are going to heat up this summer – and we don’t just mean the … revealed people are more likely to cheat during the summer months.

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW speaks to this on Mix97 with Sean Kelly and Orlena Cain.






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Health and Well Being with Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

Mix97 Morning Show Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron speak with D. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW about the importance of Health and Well Being. There is no magic pill – no kidding! Listen how you can important SMALL CHANGES and reap the benefits.

Address: 11 Bay Bridge Rd, Belleville, ON K8P 3P6

Phone: (613) 962-1852



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Body Image w/ Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW and Mix97

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Stressed over exams? Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW joins Mix97 this morning

How to manage exam stress. Learn to recognise when you’re stressing out. Every student who aims to become a high-achiever will experience exam stress.

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW joins Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron to talk about how you can help your kids through this stressful time.

Her Office:

Phone: (613) 962-1852




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Divorce and Family Vacations w/ Dr. Julie Gowthorpe

Too often post-divorce families set themselves up for disappointment by making comparisons with vacations of the past. Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW shares some tips for divorced parents. Plan ahead. In many situations, each parent is entitled to a chunk of uninterrupted vacation time with the child. Be sensitive to important events. Arrange for contact. Share itineraries. Get it in writing. Maximize your time. Pack wisely. Be respectful of your ex’s vacation time.


Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron of Mix97 speak with Dr. Julie Gowthorpes, RSW HERE 

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Video Gaming and Health with Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW speak with Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron onMix97 about video game addiction and whether it’s truly a medical condition that should be classified as a disease, as the World Health Organization plans to officially do in a couple of months.

The WHO has said it will include “gaming disorder” in a June update to its International Classification of Diseases (ICD), defining it as a pattern of behaviour “characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.”

LISTEN to the TOPIC here

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Dr Julie Gowthorpe, RSW speaks to a life of purpose.

Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life? Why is it so hard to find our life purpose? There certainly is no short supply of problems in this world that need solving. Having a purpose makes it impossible to merely exist. When you have a definite reason for living, a “why” behind every action, passions and talents will drive you toward a happy, fulfilling destination.

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW speaks to living a life with purpose and having compassion. Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron LISTEN HERE  

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Dr. Julie Gowthorpe and Det. Sgt. Patton join Mix to talk Teen Lies

To many teenagers, lying seems to be the easy way to get out of trouble or to get to do some adventure that has been disallowed. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t want to upset their parents. But, there are other times when teens lie to create drama and unnecessary hardship on someone else.


Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW and Det. Sgt. Jennifer Patton join Sean Kelly, Orlena Cain and Alana Cameron to offer help with teens who are lying and how to get to the truth.



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