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The Best Performances At The 2017 Grammy Awards

So last night, the 59th Annual Grammy Awards went down (Justin & Dani have the full winner list here.)

But let’s talk about the PERFORMANCES… this year, was unreal.


Katy Perry gave us a politically charged performance of her new song “Chained To The Rhythm” ft. Skip Marley.

Wearing a pant suit (RE: Hilary Clinton), an arm badge that says “RESIST”, and breaking down a giant “wall”, it’s pretty clear Katy was here to make a point.


Of course you can’t talk about any award show without mentioning BeyoncĂ©. It’s just not natural.

Queen Bey graced the audience with a performance that was both dramatic and emotional. She performed (while pregnant… with twins) wearing 31 pieces of jewellery and at LEAST 32 graceful dancers.

Now let’s talk about Ed Sheeran. It’s no secret “Shape Of You” is a wicked song, and after years of other great music, we didn’t need proof that Ed Sheeran is in fact a very talented artist…

… but he gave it to us anyway.


Of course, if the Grammy’s didn’t have a Prince tribute, we’d all be throwing at the TV at the end of the night. Enter Bruno Mars and The Time.

I think the outfit says it all.


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