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Taylor Swift Is Turning Heads With New Ticket Sale Plan

The Good News: Taylor Swift is going back on tour! Tickets to her Reputation tour go on sale soon, but…

The Weird News: if you want a shot at buying tickets before they sell out, you’ll have to work for it.

The Bad News: it might cost you a lot of money, and time.

Image result for look what you made me do

…ouch 😮


Taylor has partnered with Tickmaster’s new Verified Fan® program, to create Taylor Swift Tix℠

Here’s the fine print:

Based on the activities you participate in, your place in line will move up and down. The better your spot in line, the better the opportunity to access tickets.

Fans can “boost” their place in line by watching the video for Look What You Made Me Do up to five times per day, posting about Swift on linked social media accounts, and pre-ordering the CD for her album Reputation up to 13 times.

Fans can continue to boost their place in line with their chosen activities until the Taylor Swift Tix portal closes registration on Nov. 28.


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