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Winter Is Coming… Watch New Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer!

We’ve waited long enough and now… it’s here.

Enjoy πŸ˜‰

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Tom Cruise Shares Final Trailer For “The Mummy” Remake

I’m still on the fence about this remake idea…. but I’m starting to warm up to it.

Check it out!

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New Trailer For “Will & Grace” !!

Sean Hayes (who plays Jack) just Grace‘d us (see what I did there πŸ˜‰ ) with this amazing trailer!!!

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The 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Just Made History

Last night MTV kicked off the new & improved 2017 Movie & TV Awards (formerly, the MTV Movie Awards), with host Adam DeVine (you know, that funny guy from “Pitch Perfect” & “Workaholics”)

Let’s just say, it had a great start:

One of the BIG parts of the show everyone is talking about…


MTV just hosted the First Ever Gender Neutral Award Show!!!


Instead of being split into male/female or actress/actor categories, MTV went with gender neutral awards, and for the first time in history, everyone competed as equals.




Emma Watson not only received the FIRST of these awards, for Best Actor In a Movie (not actress!), but she also addressed the importance of the award, and why Beauty & The Beast is more than just a fairy tale:

If that wasn’t enough to make you feel all the feelings, check out this emotional speech by Millie Bobby Brown after winning Best Actor In a Show:


Well done MTV.

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Doritos Makes “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” Soundtrack Bag…

… and it’s as random/weird as it sounds.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theatres TODAY πŸ˜€ and to celebrate they’ve released their soundtrack on….


… a bag of Doritos. Watch these nerds break it down:


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Happy #StarWarsDay! Have You Heard This Fan Theory?

May the 4th be with you πŸ˜€

Today is #StarWarsDay, and there’s nothing nerds (like me) like more than a good fan theory πŸ˜‰

and these are the BIGGEST!

… that last one is kind of a bummer :/

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All The Looks At The 2017 Met Gala

Fashion’s biggest night out, the Met Gala just went down, and this is what all the stars were rockin’ (courtesy of TIME ):


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CountyPOP Is Coming To Downtown Picton May 6th !!

CountyPOP is a brand new music, food, & family friendly festival!

The festival will be held May 6th at the Crystal Palace in downtown Picton πŸ™‚

This looks so fun!!

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Excited For New Fast & Furious Movie? Watch This!

The 8th and latest Fast & Furious movie, “Fate Of The Furious” is now in theaters (yes, playing in Belleville & Quinte West too!)

But like any movie franchise that’s been around for awhile (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Toy Story, etc.) sometimes it helps to go back an re-watch all the movies, before the new one comes out…

…but who has the time?!?


Well, don’t worry, Ludacris has you covered πŸ˜‰


The movie just had a record-breaking opening weekend, as the biggest international movie of all time, bringing inΒ $529 million!!

Here’s the trailer for the new “Fate Of The Furious”!


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United Airlines Changes Policy After Brutal Public Backlash

After telling an 10 year-old-girl she couldn’t wear leggings, United Airlines is once again in hot water after a video surfaced of a passenger being forced off a plane, because it was over booked.

Sometimes I feel bad for United, because of roastings like this:

You know it’s bad when ELLEN starts making fun of you.

But… it’s hard to feel bad when both of these passengers were treated so terribly.

And it’s clear the world agrees… after all the video was released, United Airlines reported an $800 Million loss!!!

Well, United finally caved and made official changes, according to CTV News, “United Airlines is changing a company policy and will no longer allow crew members to displace customers already onboard an airplane” ... which is SO obvious, it’s a little sad this wasn’t already an existing policy.


Good luck United, you’re gonna need it.

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