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WATCH: Taylor Swift Travels The World In New Video For “End Game”

Is it just me or did Taylor get a little… bada** ?! 😮

Watch her travel the world with pals Ed Sheeran and Future in this **flashy** video:

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Make Your ENTIRE Breakfast With This ONE Machine!!

For a standard breakfast of coffee, eggs, bacon/sausage & toast, you’d have to use at least THREE different appliances!

So lame.

Related image


But not anymore 😮 !! Check out this ~nifty~ 3-in-1 machine from Nostalgia Electronics that I am totally asking for next Christmas 😉

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Bruno Mars & Cardi B Bring Back The 90’s In New Video “Finesse”

Remember the 90’s?? Here’s a quick recap:

Image result for fresh prince gif

Image result for 90s gif

Related image

Image result for 90s gif

Image result for 90s gif


Weeeeelll if you loved the 90’s…. get ready to get PUMPED with this new video & song from Bruno Mars & Cardi B that has SERIOUS #ThrowbackThursday vibes!!!

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WATCH: Oprah Winfrey’s Moving Speech At Golden Globes


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Justin Timberlake “Filthy” – New Music & Video!!!

It’s here!! And it has robots!!

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Airline Passenger Tired Of Waiting, Uses Emergency Exit To Get Off

‘Tis the season to travel! And sometimes that can be… a bit stressful.

A passenger on a flight from London to Spain decided to take matters into his own hands when it was taking too long to get off his plane… by using the EMERGENCY EXIT to get off onto the plane’s wing.

Guessing this flight didn’t offer wine?

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Sneak Peak At New Justin Timberlake Album ;)

Is it a reference to his last name? Is he going hipster now?? We have so many questions!!

But only one answer… new JT is coming FRIDAY!!!!

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Forget The Bar This NYE, Stay Home and Play Cat-Opoly!

Cats + board games = a wicked night in.

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Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling Rihanna & More Take Over “Oceans 8”

This. Looks. AWESOME 😀 😀

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The “Roseanne” Reboot Is Coming!

March 27th 😉

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