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Koko the gorilla has sadly died aged 46

The sweetest gorilla ever passed away in her sleep yesterday. Koko was famous for being able to communicate using 1,000 words of sign language nd understanding 2,000 words of spoken english. She was born at the San Francisco Zoo in 1971 and was known for looking after her pet kitty. RIP

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WATCH: Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Cher #LateLateLondon

James Corden invites a terrified Cher to the Central Hall Westminster stage for a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, where each pose very personal questions leaving them with a choice: eat the delicacies in front of them, like a fish and chips smoothie, or answer the question truthfully.

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Talking To Attractive Women Make Men Act Stupid

If you ever thought that the dull expression and partial confusion expressed on a man’s face when he is chatting with a gorgeous woman was just a scene from movies like “There’s Something About Mary,” you’re wrong. J-Cast reports that according to a new study by psychologists at Radboud University in the Netherlands, men temporarily act in a stupid manner when interacting with beautiful women.

The idea hit one of the researchers when he found himself unable to recall his own address while chatting for the first time with a lady he found himself attracted to.

In order to prove their theory, the researchers carried out an experiment on 40 heterosexual male students, J-Cast reports. The students were asked to perform a standard memory test, where they had to observe a stream of letters and say if each one was the same as the one before. Then they were asked to chat for several minutes with a group of male and women members of the research group before repeating the test.

The results showed that men were slower and less accurate after talking with the women members of the group. The more the women attracted them, the lower their score.

Surprisingly, however, when the same test was conducted with a group of women, their memory scores stayed the same, whether they had chatted to a man or a woman.

According to psychologists, the findings reflect the fact that men are programmed to think about ways to pass on their genes, suggesting that they are more “reproductively focused” than women, especially during a new encounter, reports J-Cast.

But what does this study have to do with our daily lives? Well, the findings have implications for the performance of men in the workplace, during a meeting with business partners, or for male students – even in exam results in mixed-sex schools.

If men lose their “cognitive functions” when interacting with beautiful women at work, then perhaps it may be better not to have them at the company. “Men will be more productive,” a Japanese man in his 30s, who works for a company, famous for hiring many beautiful women employees, tells J-Cast.

“Every year, when new female employees join the company, and they are quite attractive, male co-workers from all divisions start asking them out immediately,” he says. “It makes them less focused on work.”

According to Japanese employees, men get used to beautiful co-workers in three months, and start paying more attention to the quality of their work rather than their physical features.

“Women who perform well at their job and who pay attention to everyone at work are the company’s real treasure,” a Japanese male employee tells J-Cast. “But I can’t deny that I still get rattled sometimes when a real beauty visits us at the office.”

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WATCH: Chris Pratt’s 9-point speech at the MTV Awards is an impressively mixed bag

While receiving the MTV “Generation” Award on Monday night, Chris Pratt decided to use his time in the spotlight to deliver something he called “9 Rules from Chris Pratt” to the next generation.


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WATCH: Beagle Does Not Care About Mats

You must watch till the end. haha

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WATCH: Golden Retrievers Help A Toddler Escape Bedtime!

Nina and Chris Cardinal’s two Golden Retrievers were seen on a baby monitor wake up their baby daughter and help her break out of her bedroom.

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LISTEN: Shawn Mendes Sings ‘In My Blood’ In Portuguese!

Portugal Football Team Official World Cup Son.

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WATCH: Beyoncé And Jay Z Have Released A Joint Album


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The new Alessia single is here ‘Growing Pains’

Fially Alessia has dropped her new single! it’s called “Growing Pains,” and it’s the first track off of her new album. Check it out below.

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Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon Busk In The Subway In Disguise

Do you think you’d recognize Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon dressed up in disguises on an NYC Subway platform?  Last night’s episode of The Tonight Show featured a bit with Aguilera and Fallon doing just that on the 47-50 Street Rockefeller Center platform.  Passersby quickly took notice of Aguilera’s vocals and started filming on their phones.  In previous Tonight Show episodes, Miley Cyrus, Maroon5, and U2 busked with Fallon.

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