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How Your Birth Order Affects Your Relationships

Birth order can not only affect your personality, but it can affect your dating experiences.

Check out how your birth order affects your relationships below!

The First Child

The first child tends to be reliable, cautious, and high-achieving. Dating you is straightforward. You go through the steps to progress the relationship and you don’t like undefined situations!

It can take quite some time for you to open up easily, and you hate rushing into things. You’re structured, responsible and rarely ever late. You can be competitive with your partner, and sometimes will one-up them. You just really enjoy winning, and who doesn’t?

The Middle Child

You’re cooperative, independent, and empathetic. Yet, you can also be rebellious. Dating you is like being dealt a wild card!

You’re easy to get along with, a great listener and you don’t have a big ego. Plus, you’re willing to try new things!

The Baby

You’re the baby of the family so you’re notoriously fun-loving, outgoing, and carefree. Dating you is an adventure with some awesome perks. You know the best places to eat, hang out and go! You don’t mind mundane things, meaning you’re calm and relaxed!

Sometimes you can be naive and overly optimistic, and need your partner to get you back on the ground.

The Only Child

You’re self-sufficient, diligent, and a perfectionist. Dating you may not be easy because of how okay you are being on your own. Seriously, you love your alone time.

When you first get with someone, you’re completely guarded. You might even come across as a bit standoffish and like you don’t really need anyone but yourself. However, the moment you feel like you can trust and open yourself up, you give yourself fully and you love wholly.

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