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People Are Now Using Pepto-Bismol To Get Rid Of Pimples

Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor was recently spotted testing it out on Snapchat, and beauty influencer Farah Dhukai demonstrated it on her Instagram.

The reason it’s actually effective is because the pink stuff contains salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that goes into pores and sloughs away dirt and buildup. It also includes aspirin, which has long been used as an affordable alternative to clarifying treatments (find our own aspirin acne mask DIY here). However, according to Allure, dermatologists don’t recommend the upset stomach reliever for topical use. “Yes, salicylic acid works, but there are so many great products on the market that are already formulated to treat acne, so why do you need to use Pepto-Bismol?”

NYC dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman told Allure. “It’s great for a stomach ache, but it’s certainly not great for your face.”

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Thr33way – the Boy Band (w/ Nick Kroll, Jordan Peele & James Corden)

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Family finds live chicken in washroom at Cobourg McDonald’s


The Northumberland News claims a 5 year-old boy recently found a live chicken in the bathroom of the Cobourg McDonald’s.
Staffers have no idea where the brown chicken came from. They called animal services to remove it. Chick (Get it lol) here for the full story.

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Tinder Incorporate Artificial Intelligence To Help You Get Some Action

Tinder is developing new technology that would allow singles to point their smartphone at someone and determine whether or not they are available. The dating site is experimenting with the same augmented reality technology used in Pokemon Go. Tinder might pop up and say ‘There’s someone down the street you might be attracted to. She’s also attracted to you. She’s free tomorrow night.

Click here for more

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Blink-182’s Travis Barker featured in new PETA ad with daughter, Alabama

Blink-182’s Travis Barker has swapped his drum sticks for a pair of carrots in a new ad that he and his daughter, Alabama, have made with PETA. Check out the adorable ad below!

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LISTEN: Meghan Trainor Is Still Full Of Sass On New Single ‘I’m A Lady’

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Oscar Divorce Study

A new study by the University of Toronto and Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon University reveals that women who win a Best Actress Academy Award are at a higher risk of divorce than nominees who do not win.

Researchers reviewed the 751 nominees in the Best Actor and Actress categories of the Academy Awards between 1936 and 2010.
They found that the average marriage duration for Best Actress winners was 4.3 years.

The average marriage length for non-winners was 9.5 years. Best Actor non-winners stay married for an average of 12.66 years, while Best Actor winners usually stay at home for 11.97 years.

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The Voice judges covering TLC’s Waterfalls will make your Friday!!

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YouTuber Tries The ‘100 Cups Of Coffee Challenge’

Youtuber Furious Pete ordered 100 large coffees as an experiment to see how many “Roll Up the Rim” prizes he would win.

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Ellen Surprises A Class Of High School Seniors With College Scholarships

We love Ellen DeGeneres and this is just amazing. Ellen surprised the senior class of Summit Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, New York with full 4-year college scholarships to any New York state university. It’s actually the biggest giveaway she’s done on her show.

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