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Howie Mandel’s Romper Riot

The hilarious “America’s Got Talent” judge had a frolicking good time trying out the latest fashion trend.

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Canadian Hunter Captures Bear Attack On Video

The moment a hunter was attacked by a charging black bear has been captured on camera.

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Basketball Lessons from Ice Cube Get Physical

When James asks Ice Cube about some of the rules in his new Big 3 basketball league, Ice Cube shows James the art of hand checking, and James demonstrates his flopping abilities.

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A standoff between a dog and black bear

Dog vs Bear!

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Woman has a close encounter with a hungry bear

A hungry bear with an appetite for dog food tried to steal a meal from a California bed and breakfast.

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Major Rock Fall Occurs Next to a Climber in Chulilla, Spain

This climber is lucking to be alive!

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Canadian police officer goes to house party to break up jam sesh, plays drums instead

Members of Toronto-based rock band Vinyl Ambush feared their private gig would be shut down after police showed up to a party they were playing on Saturday. But much to their surprise, the Peel Regional Police officers didn’t break up the jam sesh, they joined in.

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Angry pedestrian gets instant karma

A little instant karma, anyone?

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Ride Makes Reporter Scream Like A Girl

Reporter’s reaction to Disneyland’s new ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ ride way better than ride itself

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Rompers for Men with Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo

Recently a group of guys started a Kickstarter campaign for a real men’s fashion product that they are hoping will take America by storm. If the Kickstarter page doesn’t do it for you, they also made a video so you can see what kind of romping good times are ahead.

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